Study suggests what factors help Twitter users gain followers

A newly published study suggests that Twitter users are more likely to follow accounts with informative and well-written tweets.

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology monitored 500,000 tweets from 507 Twitter users for a period of over 15 months to see how factors like social behavior and message content affected follower growth.

Their data shows that accounts that regularly posted informational content attracted followers up to thirty times better than accounts that posted mainly self-promotional or personal tweets. The researchers defined information in this context as a “public good that anyone can consume and share.”

Maybe more importantly, the data suggested that Twitter users were more likely to follow accounts with well-written tweets. The researchers said that since Twitter users don’t have any of the physical cues they have in face-to-face interactions when they decide to follow a user, they use the quality of the writing, including vocabulary and spelling, as a big indicator of whether or not an account is worth following.

The study supports the methods of content marketing. Twitter users are attracted to helpful and well-written information, so businesses and professionals who want to use Twitter as a marketing channel must provide quality content to get attention and to build a strong, loyal and trusting following. Attracting traffic with this method will help turn those visitors into sales leads.


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