Social media can give a business a personality

Among the many advantages social media use has for businesses is that it allows them to show a personality. Instead of appearing as faceless and boring organizations where customers only go to perform some kind of transaction, businesses using social media can become friendly, helpful and even entertaining personalities that customers appreciate and look forward to doing business with.

A company that is helpful on social media will build trust with current and future customers. Businesses can build trust by providing great content that customers might find helpful, informative or interesting, and by responding to and engaging with customers and followers directly. Many companies will find that they can build online communities where current customers discuss what they love about the products or services. Then, potential customers will see devoted followers, and will see a community built around a company whose main purpose is to help and educate its customers.

As more and more businesses move to social media, and as people who grew up using social media acquire more spending power, having a personality online is becoming more and more important. In the mind of many consumers, a company’s personality on social media reflects that of the physical store or of the actual service. So, if the business is boring and not helpful on social media, many consumers may search to find a competitor that appears more knowledgeable. If a company doesn’t use social media, many customers will imagine old, dusty stores that are out of touch with the needs of modern customers.

Social media is becoming essential for businesses of all sizes. While many owners look only at the challenges that maintaining social media channels brings, they should be more aware of the advantages that proper social media use can bring. As the people in the generation that grew up using social media acquire more and more spending power, the benefits for companies using social media will continue to grow.

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