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Quality Over Quantity

YouTube integrating time watched into algorithms calls for higher quality videos

YouTube video creators in the ever-changing effort to drive page views to their videos now have a new tool and challenge in their video strategy.

In August, YouTube announced that it would start considering the time a video is watched when it suggests videos to users. This meant that video creators would no longer solely be rewarded for page views, but would now have to factor how long people were watching each video. YouTube told creators that the best strategy for this change was to create quality videos that people would actually watch, and to stay away from strategies that only encouraged page views.

YouTube also announced that, because of the change, time watched would soon become as detailed in video analytics as page views already is. “Estimated minutes watched” now shows up on the analytics page alongside “Views” for both the channel and for each individual video.

For video creators, this change is both a benefit and a challenge. Content creators can now know which videos are better at keeping a person interested, and will understand which type of videos will attract better and more useful traffic using YouTube’s new method. The challenging part is that creators now have to ensure that each video is actually worth watching. Simply getting a viewer to your video’s page is no longer the objective.

As with all changes, there will be companies that will be hurt, and there are companies that will use it as an opportunity to spark tremendous growth in their online presence. As YouTube continues its effort to reward quality videos with page views, businesses must ensure that they have quality content to contribute. And, as many other websites use similar tactics to Google-owned YouTube, businesses that create quality online content have a more secure place in the Internet.

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