How businesses can use social media indirectly to build excitement for events

While many businesses create excitement for upcoming events by creating event pages and flyers, there are practical ways that businesses can help build buzz around upcoming events on social media.

A good example was the bars and restaurants that used Facebook to promote their New Year’s Eve event a few months ago. Many smart businesses posted event information, prices and how to get tickets. After that, some bars and restaurants regularly reported how fast tickets for the event were selling, how many tickets were left and when tickets were sold out. The ones that posted this information as status updates often got questions from guests who had already purchased tickets or who wanted to purchase tickets, such as “I purchased 4 tickets but I want to bring a part of 5, is there anything I can do?” ¬†Other followers who had already purchased tickets would make comments like “got my tickets! can’t wait!”

By regularly posting event updates on Facebook, bars and restaurants having New Year’s parties showed customers that tickets were selling fast and that excitement was building for the event. For a person who still hadn’t made New Years plans, seeing this excitement on the restaurant’s Facebook page might be enough to convince them to buy tickets and spend their New Years there. If a potential customer was deciding between two places to spend New Year’s, and saw that one kept it’s Facebook page updated, made purchasing tickets easy and was already building excitement for the event, then they might be inclined to pick that business over one that had barely posted any information about New Year’s, who didn’t provide direct information on how to purchase tickets and one whose Facebook page was not regularly updated.

By simply posting practical event updates on Facebook, and encouraging current customers to participate, businesses can show potential customers that their upcoming event is already something people are excited about. Yet many small businesses continue to neglect social media, and continue to miss the opportunity to connect with current and future customers on a whole new level.

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