Hall-Pass for Chocolate Lovers

We are well aware that avoiding harmful sunlight and kicking a nasty little nicotine habit will not only increase longevity but also improve our quality of life overall. Countless articles, shows and blogs suggest which foods to eat, in which to indulge in moderation and of course which not to touch with a ten foot pole. We’ve all heard that garlic is our new best friend with potential benefits to the heart, carrots may improve eye sight, red meat can spike blood-iron levels, and of course ‘milk does the body good’. But what exactly does the brain good?

Well, move over prescription pills and make some richly-deserved room for chocolate, bittersweet chocolate to be precise! Not only is chocolate undeniably delicious but has been proven to trigger an increased release of so-called feel-good chemicals in the brain. These chemical waves include the increased production of endorphins (which reduce the perception of pain and stress) and serotonin (which lends a relaxed and peaceful feeling). But perhaps the best side effect of combining these cousin chemicals is that it gives us a temporary feeling of being in love. And who doesn’t like feeling that?

So to all fellow Nutropians, exactly how much chocolate is too much? Researchers propose one third of a candy bar to be a sufficient fix and the perfect hall pass for Nutropias renowned Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake or perhaps their perfectly moist Chocolate Brownies. Decisions, Decisions… But hey, now you can have your chocolate and eat it too!

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