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Gourmet meals delivered daily to your door. Maintain a balanced and healthy diet without taking time out of your day.
We give an easy, convenient and time-saving service to people who want to eat healthy and balanced diets to be in great health and to achieve maximum performance at work, school, the gym and everywhere else.
Company Overview

Perfect Meals for an Imperfect World; Delivered fresh to your doorstep

Nutropia is a customized gourmet delivery program based out of Long Island City, NY that provides its customers with a healthy and balanced diet. Our staff includes a registered dietitian and a gourmet chef, and we have been keeping our customers in the tri-state area healthy for more than 10 years.


We deliver 3 delicious meals and 2 snacks to your home or office. We use the highest quality ingredients and no additives or preservatives. Choose from over 100 selections and get them delivered to your door on the days you pick!


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[/toggle] [toggle title=’Getting Started’] Contact toll free: (866) 877-5433 | email: to sign up and ask questions (and speak to real people, not automated systems!) Nutropia is a way of life. They are the model in gourmet delivery food services and take pride in adding hours to your day and energy to your every moment!
[/toggle] [toggle title=’Delivery’] Nutropia makes delivery simple! All food is delivered in thermo-cooled bags to ensure top-quality, fresh food! They are happy to deliver their gourmet food to their corporate friends at opening or closing time. For those receiving home delivery, delivery is guaranteed to be at their door by 6am.
[/toggle] [toggle title=’Customization’] Nutropia is a unique gourmet food delivery service that enables clients to choose meals a week in advance from exceptional menu options. They bring NY’s best dining experiences into your office, or your home. They offer gourmet nutrition plans ranging from 1200 to 3000 calories depending on your specific needs and goals.
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